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News America is a Peace-Loving Nation : George W. Bush

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    John Bryant's poem, from http://www.thebirdman.org/ This poem has a few derrogatory remarks in them, but he makes them not to insult, but to show his moral objection to killing minority groups. His poem is thus not to be taken literally, but rather symbolically:

    Kill bin Laden!

    Kill bin Laden! Kill him good!
    And make his minions know
    That those who bother Uncle Sam
    Will choke while eating crow!

    Kill! Burn! Bomb! Strafe!
    Spill their guts asunder!
    Who's the foe? Gee, we don't know,
    But let them hear our thunder!

    The smell of blood is what I love
    For punishment condign!
    I love to hear the crunch of bones --
    As long as they aren't mine!

    Let's give our boys some lethal toys
    And turn them loose to kill!
    So what that innocents should die?
    They'll be our heroes still!

    Kill! Burn! Bomb! Strafe!
    Pop their eyeballs out!
    Bayonetted babies make
    A fearful form of clout!

    Twin Towers snuffed by Ay-rabs now?
    Who really wants to know?
    Let's wipe the greasy muthas out
    And really make a show!

    We'll use a nuke and make them puke
    And burn them all to Hell!
    Who needs to have the least regret
    When killing feels so swell?

    Kill! Burn! Bomb! Strafe!
    Rip the scum in two!
    What feels good can't be wrong if they
    Can't do the same to you!

    Now killing isn't really bad
    When you're ten miles away --
    You can't see piles of arms and legs
    Or feel the bloody spray.

    Technology is just so grand --
    It's great to pull the trigger!
    And what a boost it is to know
    You've killed another nigger!

    KIll! Burn! Bomb! Strafe!
    Make them hate us more!
    But do take care that they've no chance
    To even up the score!
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    get some sleep...
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    Perhaps I have been posting too much controversial material? Would the moderators prefer I take a break for a while? I sure would not want to repell away members or prospective members, I have a great deal of respect for this forum and the people who run it.

    Carlos Hernandez
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    You may wanna take a deep breath and try again after the holidays?
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    Deal! I'll take a break, and come back the first week of January. Have a nice vacation!


    Carlos Hernandez
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