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    America is amongst the world's youngest countries yet it dominates the rest of the globe. . .how did this come to be?
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    it is not exactly true, coz i think that instead of dominating, it is interfearing with the rest of the globe, just to try to prove trhat it is dominating and influential.
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    Would you deny the fact that America is the most powerful military machine on this world we live on?
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    1. Vast natural resources and excellent climate(s).
    2. Anglo-Saxon culture, Protestant work ethic.
    3. Huge immigrant resource when it was needed.

    Those are the most important reasons, I think.
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    Well, the way I see it, the more money you have, the more stuff you will have, and would you agree a military is a rather important thing to have for a nation?

    The U.S. also pretty much lands in the top ten for anything good, like life expectancy, quality of living, etc. Apparently they are not a country that makes a living on warfare.
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    America is atleast 500 yrs old!!!!
    Say India is ony about 50yrs old.
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    Or germany? Or Russia? European countries have been around for freaking FOREVER, and how did the Americans get ahead in only 300 years? Maybe Americans work harder? My friend told me about his friend who worked in London, almost every week was a three day weekend. Or maybe Europe's land has been all used up too much, after all those years? And of course we all know that the U.S. has pleanty arable land.
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    Well, americans are strictly Europeans if you count it by history..
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    Exactly. Take a bunch of carefully selected, wise Europeans, and put them in a new land where they have a vast array of natural resources, it's not really surprising.
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    Many nations/empires have climbed to the top, but none have ever had 1/ WMDs or 2/ WMDs with a global reach. Those poor Romans had to march everywhere to kick your ass. America may be young, but a gun in the hands of a toddler is still a gun, and may be all the more frightening for it.
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    Its very easy, actually. There are only a few groups of people who actually generate wealth, and among them are engineers. While the rest of the populus spreads and shuffles around the wealth - lawyers, bankers, accountants, etc - an engineer is not really dependent upon them.

    The United States became powerful only after the great depression to be exact, and essentially thanks to Chemical Engineers. As a matter of fact, Germany would have never been to WW2 if the French destroyed the chemical factories. But being French, they didnt, and the ammonium production in Germany allowed the Germans to make tires for trucks, explosives for bombs, food fertilizers for soldiers and citizens, and later on first chemical weapons, and get back to their feet only after like 8 years, and enter WW2 with full power. The inventor of the deadly gas was Jewish and he had to flee Germany to United States after Nazis have seized the power.

    While the Europe was fighting between itself, the best and the brightest minds fled to United States -- as I was told once 'the best brains were leaking to USA'. You can look at Japan and see how they became one of the most powerful nations- after the war between the United States, and even being nuked twice, they were aided by US and due to their engineering-type-o people now they are very advanced.

    Plus there is another factor. Immigrants are a cheap labor, and they enter the country by dozens everyday. When you have a competition it also gives rise to progress, and with aid of cheaper labor you can really generate a lot of wealth.
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    That's not exactly true, depending on how you define "country." Most people outside the US tend to define it through ethnicity (nationalism). The US is defined by its government (patriotism) and that is key to understanding why we are dominant: The US has one of the oldest governments in the world. The British (for example) might say they are the same country they were 500 years ago, but they were an almost pure monarchy when the US was born. They may be the same people, but they are not the same country. Germany and Japan are only 60 years old. Russia is only 15. Etc, etc, etc.
    In light of the above, this should not be surprising. Germany has had 60 years to become what it is today. We've had over 200.
    Not true. The War of 1812 was essentially a second war for Independence and we beat England, cementing our status as a first-rate power (granted, we weren't really as powerful as England, but we were in the same category). By 1900, we were pretty much the top power - Roosevelt sent The Great White Fleet of 16 battleships on a world tour, essentially to stake our claim to superppower status in 1907. Since then, the only challenges to US dominance have been relatively brief (Hitler from ~1930-45, the USSR from ~1930-1990). Today, there are two challenges to our economic supremacy (the EU, [if that counts], and China) and none even close to us militarily.
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    Would you like to reconsider that? They burned Washington D.C., and our victories consisted of a couple if frigate actions, some sailboats on Lake Erie, and New Orleans, which took place after the treaty had been signed. I'd say it was a stand-off, and that only because the Brits were still fighting Napoleon.
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    Viewed from here it seems that USA has benefited from a mixture of
    European citizens. I think USA is what it is today thanks to the former european inmigrants who went there, searching for a new life and new home, and running away from the poverty it was being established here. Every of USA citizens are heirs of that primary illusion, which eventually has boosted the nowadays power of USA.

    Also, brilliant scientists have moved to USA in last centuries. A greater economic power has enhanced a larger scientific budget, and this feedbacks again into the economic advance.

    I had a physics professor that used to say Americans are not sciencists, but the sciencist are the european sciencists who has moved to USA. He said Americans themselves only undertsand about Economy and how to make money. I don't agree with that issue, I thing just right now USA has the two advantages: you know how to make science on your own way (although your former mentors were european) and also you know how to make money. This two united characteristics are essential for your mundial power.
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    Chi Meson

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    Consider also that the USA is NOT the dominant economic power currently. THat would be China. Nothing beats a vast supply of low wage workers to get an economy going! This is one of the reasons that the US economy boomed (on and off) through the 1800's.

    edit: OK, by most measures China is still not #1, but it is the fastest frowing economy and is projected to be #1 very soon. I am not an economist.

    One of the reasons the US economy is "stalling," (please note I said "one of the reasons...") is that our work force demands a livable wage, and we expect a lot of wages to get to "livableness."

    So the work and the economic power go to China.

    And I agree with Russ. ("Yeah, what he said!")
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    American is successful because of food. Food is the fundemental thing people need to live. American produces enormous amounts of food. The great plains of America are amongst the most fertile lands in the world. People need not worry about growing food, so they focus on other things. Science, religion, art and other industries. Think about it, how many people starve to death in America or are malnurished?
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    The current trend is for deaths caused by the exact opposite of malnutrition.
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    Yup, thats what I was thinking. Yes, it was a new nation, but it started off with all the skills and knowledge of the Europeans, and continued to trade new technologies with them, (and does to this day) while having vast, un tapped natural resources and room to spread out.
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    [shurg] The war resulted in them leaving us alone for good. As we learned in Vietnam, winning battles does not guarantee winning a war.
    Good point - the US was the land of opportunity right from the start. We had a group of wise founding fathers (imported) and the unique opportunity to build a government from scratch using the knowledge gained from European expeirences and philosophy. Add to that millions of square miles of land to expand (insert Indian caveat here). No country has ever, to my knowledge had such a great opportunity - and as someone else put it recently, we didn't have the baggage of history to get in the way of building a new government.
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    The importance of this is very true. The USSR began buying wheat back in the 70's before their government fell. This could also have contributed to the fall of the Mayan empire and was a factor in the fall of Roman Empire (the Romans lost interest in farming and imported much of their food. Sadly there is a trend toward this in the USA.)

    http://www.slu.edu/colleges/AS/cmrs/0221002.html [Broken]

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