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News American and Canadian Relations

  1. Nov 3, 2004 #1
    What are everyones thoughts on this issue? The Bush Administration wants to disallow Canadian perscription drugs to make American drug companies more profitable - or atleast "check" all Canadian drugs before they enter the States.

    Canada has a national health care system. Wouldn't it save time an money for the U.S to just accept Canadian drugs?

    Also, Canadian beef - is it still banned from the States? Is it implicit attack against Canada for not going to Iraq (or atleast supporting the U.S openly)? Or, is the beef really considered a threat?

    I'm bringing this up because I heard something funny. A Canadian citizen in my town had their hamburger taken at the border, and another person lost their pizza.
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    The drug thing is a combination of safety and protectionism. We are a sue happy bunch that loves to be rich.

    Bringing any food across the board often brings certain measures. Canada's madcow outbreak (buwahaha, like 3 cows were diagnosed) requires us to take measures. To my knowledge, that ban has been lifted. Likewise when we had an incident, Japan and others blocked our beef...for good reason too (after England got it handed to 'em in the years past by madcow disease).

    There's no Canadian attack for not joining in Iraq. You guys did after all HAPPEN to put some of your navy in the area to do patrols that just HAPPEN to be beneficial to us (although my Canadian friends tell me I'm off my rocker for believing this to have any political merit). You guys also sent money for the reconstruction, thanks.

    If you want to look at true trade issues between the two countries, look at the softwood lumber dillemma near Vancouver or the steel worker competition.
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    One of the things I didn't like about Kerry was that he was quite concerned about the borders and I think he may have made the lumber industry much more difficult for us.
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