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American Idol?

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    I saw NBC Matt Lauer's report on the booted American Idol contestant William Hung who apparently is going for stardom. Whát are they thínking? :eek:
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    Here's Willie!
    williamhung.flowgo.com/ [/URL]- 15k
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    I'm curious what kind of people actually watch American Idol. :eek:
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    The tribdog kind.
    I love American idol. Simon may seem like a jerk, but 99% of the time I completely agree with him.
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    OMG!!!!! Well that explains a lot of things. :wink:
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    "Women only got one thing on their mind"

    I couldn't agree more
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    Didn't Andy Worhol come up with a name for this phenomenon; I think he referred to it as 'camp'. I believe the word means inanely interesting.
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    That it does, Evo. That it does. :rolleyes:
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    I used to like American Idol. And then they got too the finals and stuff. It was so fun to watch people get on stage and horribly embarrass themselves--like karaoke on steroids or something. Why'd they interrupt the good stuff with this finals crap?

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    jimmy p

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    HEY!!!! someone deleted my post!!!
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