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American Journal of Science

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    Sorry, it's quite a double post with my previous one, but I hope you can help me.

    I found nearly impossible to retrieve very old articles from American Scientific Journals. At least the Physical Review has its own archive, for a terrible price of $ 20 per article.

    But I'm desperately trying to find "Influence of motion of the medium on the velocity of light" published in 1886 in the American Journal of Science (AJS) by Michelson and Morley. It is volume XXXI, p.377-386.

    I looked up on AJS website, but their archive database dates back to 1945 only.

    If any one could provide me with an electronic version of the original article, or at least a place where to find / buy the oldest issues of AJS, or even a link to a website / a searcher who may have the article, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks !

    PS : Fizeau's experiment is in itself a very good proof of SR, all the more interesting as it was first meant to justify Fresnel aether's drag coefficient, and that only Einstein's SR was able to explain it correctly.
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    If you are affiliated with a university library, you may be able to request it via "Interlibrary loan".

    You may be able to visit a university library with archived journals:
    Try the third link from
    google: "American Journal of Science" site:worldcatlibraries.org
    then enter a zip code to locate a nearby library... Then visit.
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    Here: http://www.aip.org/history/gap/PDF/michelson.pdf
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    Hi Myst,
    To my surprise, I was undergoing the same kind of desperation, for exactly the same reason.
    All I could get was http://ajs.library.cmu.edu/
    You can surely find it putting something like "michelson" on the search box.
    First time I tried there was an error message but they fixed it, apparently.
    Not sure yet if it is downloadable, though.
    Let me know if you manage to get it in pdf.
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