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American Nuclear capabilities

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    Was wondering, with American technology and nuclear machinery

    How many Nuclear Missiles can they launch to the other end of the earth in one day ?
    What surface would this mean ?
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    I'm not sure what your second question means, but I found a site that says that of about 10,000 in our stockpile, 5,700 are active (deployable). Most would be capable of being detonated just about anywhere in the world in a day.
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    yeah But , theres no point in having so many,
    the aim for a country to be considered as more powerful would be for it to be able to send as much as possible per day.
    And for it nuclear missiles to be more destructive and faster

    And, thats what i am asking, how many can USA send per day (long distance) ? or per hour , min , ect ?
    And when i say 'surface', that means like in an amount of time T, u can send N number of nuclear long range missiles (of different types, or same type) that would have a consecutive effect on a surface S
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