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News American or British style Democracy?

  1. May 5, 2005 #1
    Which form of Democracy do you think is better, the American style or the British style?

    The differences I'm looking to contrast in this thread are specifically that in America, you have a President who is elected by the people of the whole country and is the chief executive officer, and you have a seperate Congress which is elected by States or smaller Congressional districts. In England, if I'm not mistaken, all they have as far as National elections are local Parlaimentary elections. Whichever party wins a majority gets to "form a government", as in choosing a chief executive officer, and since they have a majority, they have most control over the governments actions in general.

    In America, it is set up so the Legislative and Executive branches check each other, and the Legislature can easily be controlled by a different party than the Executive branch. In England, it is seemingly set up so the Legislative and Executive branches work together, since the majority legislative party essentially forms the government to their likings.

    So what do you think is the superior system of governance?
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    I didnt vote, and no absolutely sod all about how the governement works. But i think that you vote for a party to run the national governement (labour) and then you can vote for the same party or a different party (lib dems) locally. I'm not sure though never really bothered to pay any attention to the election campaign.
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    I don't know which system is superior, but judging from my many viewings of the "Yes, Minister" television series, the British system is certainly the funniest.
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    Yes, in spite of many well-remembered sidesplitters, us USans don't have much of a sense of humor about our government.
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