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News American Professor Says President Bush Assassinated Senator Paul Wellstone

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    According to Professor James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., President Bush shot his new electromagnetic laser at Paul Wellstone's plane, jamming the electronics and causing it to crash. Fetzer says Wellstone was the leading voice of opposition to starting the war against Iraq. Here is the professor's site with tons of data: http://www.assassinationscience.com/
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    Shall we giggle at you now, or giggle at you later?
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    Close thread?
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    I apologize for using insults, I've deleted my posts.
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    I don't see what is so difficult about it. If a cellular phone is enough to screw with a 747's systems, surely something as powerful as a military air radar can do the job.
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    I wouldn't call Wellstone the biggest anti-war Senator, but there is this: before the 2002 election the Democrats had a one vote majority in the Senate, caused by the defection of one of the Republicans who had been mistreated by the Bush White House. Wellstone was a Dem, and a shoo-in for relelection. After his death, the right wing smear machine succeeded in portraying his memorial service as a leftist rally and the result was that a Republican occupies Wellstone's seat now. This wasn't in fact the only turnover to the GOP, but that couldn't have been known for sure before the election. So the cabal around Bush had motive, means and opportunity. And some of them are up to ordering such a thing, if not doing it.
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    Here is the actual link:
    It said nothing about a laser. It breifly covered the fact the police have access to EMP weapons, though I don't know what they're range is. They did not cover the fact that if one really wanted to one could build an EMP weapon oneself. It also said that the Democrats had some motive too, and then almost immediatly dropped it. And the last paragraph uses unconfirmed accusations to furhter their point, as if fallacies can prove other fallacies true:
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