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American soldiers used uranium bullets

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    i heard that in the war between iraq and america
    the american soldiers used uranium bullets.

    why is that ? is it because its very dense ?
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    Anti Tank "bullets" are made from depleted Uranium, Yes their density is a key factor. I do not think that these are used by foot soldiers but are Tank or aircraft ammo.
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    say a i shot a uranium bullet to a tank with a rifle like ( M4 )
    and would they go through ? or shatter into pieces on contact,
    if they do shatter into pieces are they radioactive ?

    i hope they are not shooting radioactive bullets there
    it wouldnt be such a nice thing to do....
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    No, typical foot-soldier's bullets are not uranium tipped. The most common are the 30mm shells of the A-10 Warthog tank killer.

    The bullets are radioactive, but not very much. The chemical hazards/properties are worse than the radiological ones and those are only marginally worse than lead. There is a common knee-jerk reaction of people assuming them to be highly radioactive - as if all levels of radioactivity were the same.

    For more info on radiological and chemical properties/risks, see THIS thread.
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    funny, I would have thought the tissue damage would be the main concern :tongue2:
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