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News Americans involved in UN Food for oil scandal

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    I've been waiting for this to begin to leak.

    http://msnbc.msn.com/id/6214647/site/newsweek/ [Broken]
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    One thing that is "surprisingly" overlooked in this case is: where did the oil go? Answer: the US was the biggest importer of the Iraqi oil, all the way through from end '96 until.. now. Strange isn't it?
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    Well, a lot of oil going to the U.S. in and of itself would not be a problem....if purchased legitimately.
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    Yeah, that was the idea of the program, that the oil was being purchased. The question was, how was it being purchased?
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    I think You're in for a surprise when the true scope of this scandal surfaces:
    Of the billions allegedly siphoned off, $5.7 billion was from smuggling oil through neighboring countries, such as US allies Jordan and Turkey. While this clearly broke sanctions, the United States never pressed those countries to stop it, although it did get annoyed when Syria belatedly made up its differences with Iraq and joined in the trade. The other $4.4 billion was the result of kickbacks from imports and surcharges on oil contracts. The Security Council, on which the United States has a veto, had allowed the Iraqis to negotiate their own contracts,... http://www.una-uk.org/iraq/oilforfood.html
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    Another observation: American food for oil, Yes. But all the way through, while the UN was already accused of the misdoings? And look at 2003: all the way through, before, during and after the invasion the US was virtually the only country importing Iraqi crude? And why is it an AMERICAN branch of a French bank allegedly involved in this? To do illegal deals via the US with France? Looks like this UN bashing is going to backfire seriously. I am in the energy industry and it is a public secret that the US has always been the most active in dirty oil deals with Iraq.
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    So, do you start to understand why this investigation takes so long and has only really got attention AFTER the Bush re-election? All this BS about the UN and France, while it is actually the Americans controlling the UN and keeping a lid on the dirtbin?
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