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America's Army

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    This is probably one of the best FPS out there. Developed by the US Army, highly challenging, requires some strategy, teamwork and it's FREE!

    And now back to my so-called life...
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    I tried American's Army some time ago. I couldn't get passed the parachute training.
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    Yea, AA is a great game. Hey dduardo, you gotta flare in time :smile: There is a game called Battlefield 2. This is a awesome game. The system requirements are off the charts though. :frown:
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    It took me some time but as soon as you jump out of the plane, wait till the clouds clear out and when you start seeing the circle landing pad; just move left to right or forward/backward accordingly to center yourself, then when you know you're halfway through the ground just flare.

    The sniper qualification is another challenging one. These tests are one of the drawbacks of the game.
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    i easily passed all except the advanced special forces training.

    but i prefer BF2, but I haven't played in along time. I might tomorrow.
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