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America's Cup

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    I was listening this morning to a news article about America's cup. The reporter mentioned that abou $100 million was spent on designing (and construction?) of the vessels.

    Here's the BMW Oracle entry.

    http://bmworacleracing.com/en/index.html - very cool yacht

    http://www.oracle.com/corporate/bmw-oracle-racing.html [Broken]

    It turns out that the designers used CD-Adapco's STAR-CCM+ CFD package to design the sail/wing.

    I highly recommend learning FEM and CFD if one is majoring in Mechanical/Aerospace/Nuclear engineering.
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    I had just recently moved to San Diego when Dennis Connor entered his extremely controversial cat, like 20 years ago, in the hope of winning back the cup he'd lost. There was an uproar and many objections because no one had ever entered a multi-hull before.

    I see this "oracle" is a trimaran. Is the America's Cup all multi-hulls now? (I kinda lost touch with the competition after Conner won the cup back.)
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    Alighi - Société Nautique de Genève - has a racing catamaran -
    http://www.americascup.com/en/acteurs/alinghi/bateau-55-857 [Broken]

    versus the BMW Oracle Trimaran.

    So yes - both (all) vessels are multi-hull. I could only find these two teams.

    I guess there is one challenger against the defender.

    http://www.americascup.com/en/contexte/33acup/33-americas-cup-6-712 [Broken]
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    In this kind of race there are only the two entries. It is my observation that this usually happens when the defender tries to stack the normal rules in its favor, gets everybody P.O., and then has this challenge result.

    The outcome is that it simply drags out the interval between the traditional (legitimate?) challenges, and can result in a change in venue and defender.

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