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Ameteur question

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    Hi all.

    I wondered what you would see if you had a quite powerful optical telescope and looked up into the sky during the day (obviously not at the sun!)?

    Would you see space, or blue sky?

    I have seen images of the sun on the internet using optical telescopes and where the sun ends, it is black around the sun.

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    It depends on what you were looking at. You see black around the sun because the exposure time is very short and you're looking through a filter that blocks almost all of the light. Consider that sunspots look black too, but they really aren't. http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/sun/atmosphere/sunspots.html" site says sunspots are as bight as the full moon - they just look dark when compared to how bright the rest of th sun is.

    If you were looking at the moon or planets, the backdrop of the sky would probably still be blue (I've actually never tried, but it's on my list...).
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