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Amines/CO2 Absorption

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    Hi, I have a student curious about amines absorbing CO2. He would like to construct a small demonstration capable of capturing CO2 with amines. He has also heard that electric shock is able to release the CO2 from the amines and would like to see this as well. There are few things puzzling me about this.

    First, amines are a class of compounds, and I wonder what specific one would be suitable for this demonstration.

    Second, if we did succeed in capturing CO2, how (practically) would an electric shock be delivered to the liquid amine in a way to release it?

    I should mention we have a good supply of chemical stock (for a high school), but not many commercial apparatus available.
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    The standard amine for CO2 scrubbing in the literature I'm familiar with is ethanolamine. I don't know too much about releasing CO2 from the amine, though. Heating will probably work.
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