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Homework Help: Amino Acid, Help

  1. Jan 31, 2008 #1
    I have to examine the amino acid sequences of a segment of each of the following proteins: lysine, alanine, leucine, arginine, isoleucine, proline, glycine, histidine, and serine. Provide, in order, a list of the following potential components.
    a. tRNA nucleotides (in the anticodon loop) that code for this protein segment
    b. mRNA nucleotides that code for this protein segment
    c. DNA nucleotides that code for this protein segment

    If it is within your knowledge, could someone show me the steps to do one of the amino acids and i am hoping the parts a,b,c will provide an outline for the rest. This is an alternative assignment so i dont think my teacher knew how difficult this part was :s

    the basic steps would be very nice, like when to insert a u instead of a t, i think that is step b myself...in the mean time i am going to attempt to find the amino acid sequences for those proteins, i hope someone can give me a hand.
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    Are you having trouble understanding how proteins are coded in DNA or how DNA is transformed into mRNA and tRNA?
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    well i understand it now. what through me off is that the assignment said that lysine was a protein...but it was an amino acids. i already know how to change aminoa acids into trna, mrna, or dna...thanks
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    If your assignment was worded exactly as above, it was not saying lysine is a protein. It was saying the protein consisted of that sequence of amino acids.
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