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Amino acids relative size

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    I need to compare amino acid R chains relative to each other. Is there a way to figure this out with the chemical forumula or am i supposed to glance over the stuctures?

    Also I am finding mixed messages about polarity for each. Are these correct?

    lab test rf theoretical rf
    Glycine .49 .26 Nonpolar
    Tryptophan .80 .66 Nonpolar H-bond
    Lysine .31 .14 Polar
    Aspartic Acid .42 .24 Polar
    Serine .44 .27 Polar
    Alanine .88 .38 Nonpolar
    Leucine .76 .73 Nonpolar
    tyrosine .69 .45 Non Polar
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    No idea about polarities, yes you need structures.
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