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Amino acids

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    I've got a problem,which 3 amino acids are non-chiral ? I know there are many of them but I suppose they're only asking about those which are in organisms... I know about glycine but what are the other two ? thanks
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    Google a list of proteinogenic aminoacids and check. It is not that hard.
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    yes I've checked the table and the only non-chiral amino acid I found is glycine... so I;m asking what could be the other two they meant ....
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    I'm fairly certain that glycine is the only non-chiral proteinogenic amino acid.
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    Maybe it's a despicable trick question as they didn't say alpha amino acid nor proteinogenic?
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    they didn't say literally that which 3 proteinogenic , but I suppose they meant that because the text before talks about the amino acids in organims ... I answered it with Asx Xle and Glx ... I know that it has pretty much nothing to do with chirality....
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