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Amit Goswami's The Self Aware Universe

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    Amit Goswami's "The Self Aware Universe"

    Hey everyone,
    I'm a new member, but have enjoyed reading threads here as a guest for a little while. Anways I just wanted to get some reflections on The Self Aware Universe by Amit Goswami. Here is a link to an interview with Prof. Goswami http://twm.co.nz/goswam1.htm [Broken] I would imagine its a little obscere but it really seemed to hit the question of conciousness in an intriguing light for me. When I read it the question boiled down to how to interpret the EPR effect and Alain Aspects experiments. Goswami seemed to be saying that if you postulate conciousness as preceding matter and energy, it clarifies the delayed choice experiment as well as accomadating the idea of free will. So what is everyones take on the delayed choice experiment, does it justify adding another element like conciousness?? Looking forward to some interesting thoughts.
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    we have a thread started already under this exact title. please continue discusion here:
    The self aware universe
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    thread has reopened because of content of thread. note, this thread deals specifically with the author Amit Goswami.
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    Amit Goswami

    I read the "Self Aware Universe". I liked it and I will read your thread that you posted. Thanks. As the title implies on the cover of the book, Goswami is using modern physics as an argument for idealism.

    You can contact Goswami at: http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~its/goswami.html [Broken]

    He is currently in India and will be there for 3 months. He always replies to e mails so feel free to drop him a line.
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    I've read a bit of the link you've given,but I'm not quite impressed.Ideas from quantum physics are blown out of proportion in justifying beliefs/set of ideas that such authors have.I have nothing against believing in a certain set of ideas,but connecting them with physics is not right.
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