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Amore love and popular media

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    The overexaggerated "goodness" of amore love

    What is an apparently evident human motivation is always far from the reality of the dynamics.

    In frequently mentioning the forces ascribed to human behavior and human actions popular society frequently refers to have the elaborate, aesthetic...and naive fabrications in explaining human behavior.

    Nevertheless...in truth, there are only few principles. And these principles are very simple with no aesthetic strings attached.

    Popular media often ascribes to amore love...and seemingly it is the general...ready notion that all of us accept the image they portray of it in a very airheaded and generalized sense. Most often, the motivations behind this portrayal is to take advantage of the powerful attraction that all of us naturally have to this idea.

    I truly believe that the power of amore love lies not just in its chemical effect but that it has many dimensions to it. But in general sense, the effect is that of escape...and it is in this sense that it is "good."

    In finding a mate one has found the perfect solution to one's weakness..as we admire the strengths of our soul mate...and a perfect adapatation, refuge, and acceptance into society...basically heaven on earth...rest...an accomplished state of things.

    The fact of the matter is that the latter almost never happens...that is none of us ever achieve this state. There is rarely someone so compatible. Most of us have too many weaknesses. And frequently amore love causes more lasting strife, dissension, and suffering than any momentary joy.

    My point...amore love is definitely overestimated in its value...we exaggerate it simply because most of us cannot find anything else...and that most of society is very naive and lazy. SOCIETY has acquired a schema similiar to a victim of depression. And this is simply a cognitive strategy. "Don't believe or strive for anything..just make yourself feel better." Just be facultative. Feeling passion towards someone definitely feels good and it makes us be ever grateful of the feeling and of the phenomena of love. But the reality of the matter is that this is only perfectly similar to the perception of a drug user, for example that of ecstasy. For example love songs help us to feel a general euphoric feeling-we feel good about ourselves, others, life in general. However, this is merely a feeling and can be obtained through many ways. We do not "love" amore love, we merely love it as a poor young girl would in marrying someone rich just to escape poverty.

    The above is does not reflect an attitude of mine, just a momentary observation. If any of you have anything to critique about it, feel free.
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    It's just as good a reason as any for two people to get together and procreate isn't it?

    Although I have heard that prearranged marriages from different cultures which are based more upon "practical matters" (as a contract between two families) tend to last longer.
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    In order to understand love, you have to feel it. Scientists know nothing about love; this talk of chemistry is pure nonsense, nobody ever measured the supposed chemicals that make people fall in love. It's all a fantasy in some lonely people's minds to make them feel better about their misfortune.

    If you want to understand science, listen to what scientists have to say. If you want to understand love, listen to what lovers have to say. To each its own.
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    So love is about making yourself feel better? And do you see that as wrong? And are you prescribing to the belief that no one is truly in love, but only in love with the idea of being in love? I admit that concept can be applied in certain cases, especially young girls who are so in love with the idea of being in love, that they often mistake infatuation and crushes as true love. However, a mature adult will no doubt recognize the difference between true prolonged feelings, and temporary ones. If you need to love feel complete, than you are indeed in love with being in love. However, if you already feel complete, and love only adds to that, then I would consider it valid. You're generalizing people and love where you cannot.
  6. Aug 20, 2003 #5
    Why the idiosynchratic: "amore love?"

    Popular culture overestimates the
    importance of everything it touches, mainly, I think, because
    it is geared toward the young who
    are where they are in the matur-
    ing process.

    Romantic love is overestimated
    but you can't tell anyone that
    and have them believe it. It is
    something everone has to find out
    for themself from experience.
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