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Amorphous metal

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    Hello, I've been thinking about if amorphous metal (aka metallic glass) could created by using regular electroplating or if it has to be created by rapid cooling of the metal after molten. There is a method which a thin layer of metal powder is applied to a flat surface where a laser beam melts the metal which then is cooled rapidly. This is followed by layer after layer of metal powder until a three dimensional part is created. So if i would electroplate for example a copper wire with an alloy that can be amorphous until the wire had increased in width, would the electroplated outer layer be amorphous metal? Thanks.
    Link to the source: https://www.heraeus.com/en/group/pr...and_news_3d/3dnews_1/06_amorphous_metals.aspx
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    Electroplating is a crystallisation process.
    The voltage controls the direction of the reaction and provides the necessary activation energy, while the electric current sets the rate of the reaction. Ions from solution will settle onto existing crystals on the electrode so as to grow those crystals.
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