Amount of substance

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  2. Borek

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    An object is an object, amount of substance is amount of substance, these are completely different things. Your question doesn't make sense.

    You could as well ask what color is sweet, or whether sand is a chicken.
  3. I don't know how call those things, some haven't mass, charge, spin and maybe still volume! In other words, all the particles (incluinding the photon), every what is possible quantify, are amount of substance?
  4. berkeman

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    We are having a lot of problems parsing your sentences in this question. Are you asking more like one of these?

    -1- Are the particles listed on those pages all that there are. Could there be other particles?

    -2- Is everything in the universe made up of those particles?

    -3- Is the mass of an object made up of the masses of those elementary particles in the object?

    ...Or some other variation? Can you give a more detailed explanation of what you are trying to ask?
  5. Borek

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    Mole is just an overgrown dozen - just like dozen holds 12 objects, mole holds 6.02×1023 objects. So technically yes, we can talk about mole of photons. Whether it is possible to have a mole (or several) of strange quarks is another question. Quarks are never found in isolation.
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