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Homework Help: Ampere's Law problem help

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    Magnetic field due to a solid wire of current using Ampere's circuital law. Current flows with density [tex]J=J_{o}\frac{U}{r}a_{z}[/tex] [A/m^2] along long solid cylindrical wire of radius a having the z-axis as its axis. Find H


    Am I on the right way to solution?

    [tex]\int_{s}J\cdot\,dS =[/tex]
    [tex]=\int_{r=0}^{r} \int_{\Phi}^{2\pi}J_{o}\frac{U}{r}a_{z}\cdot\ r \ dr\, d\phi\,a_{z}[/tex]

    Thank You very much for any help?
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    I just finish this problem. It was not that difficult as I thought at the beginning. Thanks
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