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Ampere's Law

  1. Jul 17, 2013 #1

    I am researching magnetic fields and getting no where. I am writing a computer programs to calculate Magnetic force between 2 magnets that can act both + to + and + to -. Given the movement of the magnets, the program will be calculating minute movements and compensating for changes in magnetic field interaction.

    One magnet is a fixed and does not move. The second magnet moves in parallel to the first magnet using a curve.

    Now, I have looked at Ampere's Law on wiki, Formulas are great but given that it doesn't state how to use it, especially in regards to how small each instance is for a loop.

    Given that I need to calculate the Force from when the magnet fields start to contact, second magnet is half exposed to the edge of the first and finally second magnet is fully exposed to first. Also, the second magnet moved at a right angle to the first but ampere's law I sure takes that into account.

    What I would like is a link to something that fully explains how to use Ampere's Law, or possibly Maxwell's equations, practically to calculate Gauss Field effect and Repelling/Attracting force in Newtons.

    Alternatively, I recommendation for a good text book that comprehensively explains the principle as well as putting the law's into practice would be good.

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    Simon Bridge

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