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Amplitude of a cantilever

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    1) Does the amplitude of a cantilever affect the time period of each oscilation when the experiment is set up like http://www.practicalphysics.org/go/Experiment_430.html [Broken]

    2) Please explain your answer.

    3) The equation I am using is T= 2pi* sqrt ((4ML^3)/(Ebd^3)). Now this equation works out the time period of the vibrations, but if the time period is changing what does this equation work out?

    4) Im planning to set up the experiment as shown in the link, but how would I set the cantilever into motion in order to make the formula work. Do I just let the mass at the end of the cantilever drop?

    Any extra information is much appreciated. Thanks
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi singh246! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    Don't do it long enough for the time period to change! :smile:
    Just sellotape it on, and then, as the link says, "twang" it!. :smile:

    (Twang it different amounts to get different amplitudes.)

    It's not rocket science …

    no special twanging training needed! :biggrin:
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