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Homework Help: Amplitude Question

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    An object with mass 0.269 kg is hung on a spring whose spring constant is 80.3 N/m. The object is subject to a resistive force given by -bv, where v is its velocity. The ratio of the damped frequency to the undamped (natural) frequency) is 0.849. If this system is subjected to a sinusoidal driving force given by

    F(t)=(8.00 N)sin(0.901wo t) ,

    what is the (steady-state) amplitude (in cm) of the resulting sinusoidal motion?

    i know how to find the damping force 'b' and gamma, and Q, and r for the amplitue question, but why does the question give us that F(t) equation and what do we need it for im just stumped any help would be useful
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