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Amusment park design

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    1. o.k. its been awhile for me, and i'm running on empty. using centrifical force calulations, I'm needing to design an amusment ride that is: 10 people stand in a cylinder that is 5 stories high. The radius 2 meters. when the cylinder rotates a proper rotational speed, the bottom will open, but due to centrifical force no one falls out.

    where do I begin? :uhh:
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    Welcome to the PF, srvimisu.

    I don't understand your description of the cylinder dimensions, but whatever. The Homework Help Template that came up when you started the thread (and which you deleted, I guess) asks you to state what the relevant equations and concepts are. Please tell us what you know about coefficients of friction, what centripital acceleration is, what the equation F=ma means, and what you know about Free Body Diagrams.
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