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An accretion in extreme condition

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    I have an extreme question :) Let's assume that here are Primordial Black Holes (PBH) in range 10^15 - 10^24 g for example. What would happen if some of them get into the some other object(Sun, Planet or compact object) and settle in the center (ideal case). I have computed radius of this PBHs, it is in range 10^(-8) - 1 cm (scale of atom 10^(-8)cm ). I have read Gravitation (MTW) paragraph "The fate of man who falls into the singularity" (p.680) and Black holes, white dwarfs and neutron star Shapiro, Teukolsky "Hydrodynamic spherical accretion" (p.412). But I mean if such PHB is within some mass, I cant interpolate this problem by hydrodynamical assumption etc. Do you know how describe this problem, something about that or if exists some text about this?
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    The Wikipedia page on micro black holes gives a decent summary of the current state of knowledge:


    I don't know of any detailed treatments other than the Shapiro & Teukolsky one. Perhaps some of the other experts on PF do.
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