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An accretion of steady flow for Gamma > 5/3?

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    I would like to know, what happen with accretion (cloud) when drop toward a black hole. In Bondi case and terminology. If I understand:
    1) We describe the cloud falling to star (black hole) by EoS [itex]P(\rho)=K\rho^\Gamma [/itex].
    2) This accretion is steady it means [itex]\dot{M}=4\pi r^2u\rho=const. [/itex].
    3) Accretion to black hole is possible just for supersonic speed => solution of Bondi equation has to come through critical sound speed point.
    4) For [itex]\Gamma>\frac{5}{3} [/itex] doesnt exist critical point and accretion is not supersonic => no steady accretion on black hole for cloud with [itex]\Gamma>\frac{5}{3} [/itex].
    Are these 4 claims right?
    Bondi solution is dealing just with [itex]\Gamma<\frac{5}{3} [/itex]. It is quit hard constrain.
    My question are:
    a) What is the matter with cloud with [itex]\Gamma>\frac{5}{3} [/itex] during falling to black hole? Reaches the event horizon?
    b) How do we must change in assumptions for dealing with cloud with [itex]\Gamma>\frac{5}{3} [/itex]?
    I was checking in literature for this part of problem, but I didn't find anything important. Please let me know, comments or links.
    Thank you.
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