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An active life

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    My mother had six sons, all of whom smoked and my father too. She used to
    drink full cream milk, we had fish and chips once a week and one of her
    favorite foods was a dripping sandwich. She had no car or washing
    machine, no video or computer, but she loved gardening. She was always
    busy and lived to be 91. I suppose if she hadn't been a passive smoker
    for years and had not eaten fatty foods, she might have lived to a ripe
    old age. I know a man who has also led an active life but has smoked for
    70 years. He is only 83 and I hope he doesn't die young like my mother.

    I understand Churchill once said, "there are lies, damn lies and

    Is there any substance or food which isn't in some way bad for our
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    I understand scientists have infused small animals with cigarette smoke
    and they developed cancers. I wonder what would happen to horses and
    cows if they were fed on a diet of meat. You may like to read my essay
    entitled 'True love and health' on the effects of stress.
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