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An Airflow Question

  1. Jan 13, 2008 #1
    Hi all, i am new on the Forum and its my 1st post.

    I have an Opel Corsa that i am modifying and require some advice please

    I have calculated the area of the inlet port on my cylinder head - 17,12 cm2

    i have 43mm ITB's which calculates to an area of 14,53 cm2.

    If the venturi principle is applied then this creates a problem as the ram tube inlet is 50mm tapering to 43 mm at the butterfly which will increase the air velocity.
    in order to maintain or increase the intake air velocity the area of the butterfly on the ITB should be greater than the area of the intake port.

    This would mean i require a butterfly of 46,7mm or greater.

    I am not too concerned with flow rate but rather with air velocity as in my understanding it is the velocity of air that fills the cylinders.

    Can anyone confirm this please as i dont want to go ahead with any modification until i am certain

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