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An airplane flies due north at 150km/h with respect to the air

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    simple question

    when it states "An airplane flies due north at 150km/h with respect to the air."

    with respect? what exactly does that mean?

    assuming that "relative to..." has the same meaning??

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    Yes, it means relative to the air.
    Which means that if were traveling with the same velocity as air, you would see the plane travelling 150 km/h due north.
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    Does it also imply it's travelling in a direction to do with the air?
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    I know what "relative to the air" means.

    I have no idea what "travelling in a direction to do with the air?"
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    STAii is correct, It's traveling
    Due north
    @ 150km/hr w/ respect to the speed of the air (above the speed)

    Thus if the Air is traveling at 10km/hr, then the plane's total speed is 160km/hr.

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    If the air is going north @ 10 km/hr with respect to me, then the plane would indeed be going north @ 160 km/hr with respect to me.

    However, we don't know which way the air is going. If it was going south @ 10 km/hr WRT me, then the plane would be going north @ 140 km/hr north WRT me. If the air was going another direction, it would be even messier
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