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An alternative to hybrids

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    A steam powered car just set a new world record of 139mph, beating a 101 year old record of 126mph.
    With this level of progress it is predicted that the performance of steam cars could double every millennium.

    http://www.steamcar.co.uk/images/refuelling.jpg [Broken]
    Here a team of stokers set a new steam-F1 record for a pitstop of only 1 hour !
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    Where did they put the coal?

    There was an article on this car in one of the recent Mechanical Design issues.
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    I assume a small trailer and a guy frantically shoveling!
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    A while back, I was out for a leisurely drive in the country on a windless humid Sunday morning. I ran into a fog hovering over the road. I finally saw the source: an old Stanley Steamer out for a leisurely drive on a Sunday morning. Too much water vapor emission is a road hazard on humid days.

    [Added note] The Stanley Steamer did not have a condenser tube to capture the exhaust vapor and recycle the water until 1915. This increased the range considerably.
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    Ranger Mike

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    Nitro , baby!!!
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    Actually the old steamers were efficient, clean and reliable, compared to the internal combustion engines of the day - - - but it had one fatal flaw. No one wanted to wait a long time for the car to warm up - - - just to take a short trip.

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