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News An American in the Hague?

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    Is the title of a New York Times op-ed article(NY Times 10 June 2004) by J. D. Tepperman. In the article he raises the prospect of liability via the doctrine of 'Command Responsibility' a standard that is a US initiative devised for the Nuremberg tribunals, "it was a means to impute responsibility to Nazi leaders, who often communicated indirectly and avoided leaving a paper trail." He goes on to say "the principle was fine-tuned by two other American creations: the international tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda, which were established by the UN Security Council at the United States behest. ...political and military leaders can be found liable for war crimes committed by those under their 'effective control' if they do nothing to prevent them."

    The claims that Rummy and other Pentagon officials didn't know was contradicted by the officer formerly in charge of Abu Ghraib. And the Red Cross documented widespread abuses and raised them with the White House in January, the article goes on to say the abuses appeared to be part of an explicit policy of coercive interrogation. In light of this, what do you think?
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    I think that the DOD was already investigating this at the beginning of the year and as a result of the investigation, is now prosecuting thereby effectively taking actions to further prevent them.
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    Prosecuting who? The soldiers who were just following orders.
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