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An anti-limit problem

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    Consider please the function F(u,c,V). Find out its algebraic structure knowing that its limit for u=c is sqrt[(1+V/c)/(1-V/c)].
    Hint: Physicists know two solutions of it
    (Is it a consacrated name for the problem? I used anti-limit for it)
    Thanks in advance
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    sorry for my ignorance..but what is an 'anti-limit' ?? .. of a certain function.
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    anti-limit problem

    I am not a matematician and so I do not know an adequate term for the opperation which leads from the limit of a function to the function. Do you know a better name for it?
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    The solution is not determined, since if f is an solution, and g is any continuous function vanishing at u=v, then f+g is also a solution.
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    Would some relativistic additives help like u<c, u appears only at the first power...). Is there a better name for anti-limit? Thanks
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