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An AP Physics Project.

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    I am not exactly sure if this topic if relevant to this thread, so sorry in advance if it is not. I am currently in the 9th Grade, my AP Physics class is doing a individual project and I have absolutely no ideas. I am thinking about a Gauss Cannon or something. Maybe a levitating device such as the proposed idea of how " UFO's" fly. Using a magnetic field. Any help would be asolutely fantastic, and great site by the way.
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    Real magnetic levitation only works over short distances, like a couple inches.

    To get you started, I used a PF forum search for Project in the titles of threads. There have been lots of similar threads here. Here is the hit list from the search:

    https://www.physicsforums.com/search.php?searchid=1445786 [Broken]

    Read through some of those threads to see if they help spark any ideas. You can also google science fair projects to get other ideas.

    Welcome to the PF.
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