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An application of induced current

  1. Apr 22, 2008 #1
    sorry all, i'm hit by a barrage of lab questions that demand an understanding of this that i cant learn out of the book :(

    so we're "wiretapping" into a speaker (completely lame i know) with coils of wire running through it.

    we can have the coil in one of four configurations

    1. be perpendicular to the wire we're tapping
    2. parallel to the wire (overlapping it)
    3. parallel but to the side of the wire
    4. perpendicular with the wire running through the center of the coil

    which would create the strongest signal and why?

    note: thank you to everyone thats helped me thus far. i really appreciate it and i'm so happy that i found a forum of smart people to help rather than looking dumb in class :)
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