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An earthquake

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    Dear Sir,

    this an interruptions i would like to share and discuss with you.

    1.is right that the main reason behind an earthquake is the plate's movements?
    is there any reason other than the one which mentioned above.

    2.i want i full explaination for the earthquake that occurred in tsunami and how it occurred?

    with my regard
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    Yes, there are some other causes :

    1. Some earthquakes are caused by the movement of magma in volcanoes, and such quakes can be an early warning of volcanic eruptions.

    2. A rare few earthquakes have been associated with the build-up of large masses of water behind dams, (such as the Kariba Dam in Zambia, Africa) and with the injection or extraction of fluids into the Earth's crust (e.g. at certain geothermal power plants and at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal).
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    You realise that a tsunami is an event, not a place, right?
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    loooooooooool :rofl:
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