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An efficient AC.

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    The patent in the link explains that it reduces the work load on the compressor in a car air conditioner by using heat from the exhaust to super-heat the gas directly after it exits the compressor. Other than that it seems to be a normal air conditioner. I am having trouble understanding how this reduces the load on the compressor. Wouldn't the increased pressure of the hot gas work against the pistons in the compressor? How does it work?

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    Prime example of what little checking the patent office does.

    This does increase work on the compressor. You cannot increase the pressure of the gas after the compressor without increasing the discharge pressure of the compressor. Also added heat must then be removed from the condenser. So all it would do is make your AC work very poorly.
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    chayced is right. There's no increase in pressure by heating the working fluid after it leaves the compressor. That seems to be what they're patenting - it's even written into claim #1.
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