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An electromangetic switch

  1. Nov 25, 2008 #1
    So, I have an electromagnetic switch. Which works in this way.

    A rod has 4 magnets attached to the front of it and 4 magnets attached to the back of it. In the center there is the winding. When I apply current to it, the rod moves towards one end and hits a steel plating on that side fixing it to that side. When I apply the current in the opposite polarity, the magnet on the rear of the shaft, moves it to the other side of the block and hits the plating on the other side.

    Now, I have doubts about its durability. How much damage can a magnet take before it loses its magnetism? How do I find that out? Also, what how long before the magnet actually breaks? Any rough Ideas?

    I plan to run it about once a day, on an average how long would it last? I suppose it would depend on the material of the magnet, in that case, what would be the maximum time before the best magnet can last?

    How durable are such systems in general?

    Is the durability the reason why the magnets are always fixed and the steel parts the ones that move in motors and speakers and such?

    Any thoughts on this, would be very helpfull thank you.
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    Is this a commercial device? Do you have a manufacturer and part number? Such information would be nice if not necessary before any meaningful discussion could be held.
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    Aye, and a sketch would be helpful. I'm having trouble envisioning the setup.
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    I have attached a diagram and no this is not a commercial product, a friend of mine made this. The diagram is a sketch of the system.

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