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An entertaining problem

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    Hey, guys. Thanks for reading this.
    I have to present some interesting angular acceleration problem in my physics class; please, tell me if this one is a good choice (if it's possible at all!). Something really bizarre, just made it up myself:

    A gambler wants to trick a slot machine (old one, non-digital), applying certain calculated force on the lever, so as to get all the "fruits" on the reels. He knows all such values as angular acceleration, moment of inertia, etc. How to relate torque and angular acceleration here? In other words, how to develop this problem further? I know it's pretty unrealistic, but suppose we can neglect some facts for the purpose of entertainment.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    Even the old slot machines were "rigged". The wheels in a slot machine will come to a quick stop within a range of speeds, and appeared to be "programmed", unlike a roulette wheel, which is usually "unrigged".
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    Thank you, Jeff. I guess, it's not going to work out... In the case with a roulette weel, the whole problem would become far too complicated, unless I wanted to derive a formula for calculating fortune.

    Still, that was very well explained. Cheers.
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    So where is this slot machine you're trying to break? :)
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