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Uh, that's bugs, right? Not family history?

Well, alright?

Can any of you biologists out there help me i.d. a little critter?

I've always wondered what these things were since I was a kid. It's some kind of spider, right? At least I think it was a spicer because it had eight hairy legs,like any other kind of "hunting spider" I've seen, and I'd I can't in my worst dreams ever imagine seeing a louse that big.

But you don't know what you see when you first see it. I've seen two of these things in my entire life, one was in my grandmothers kitchen when I was five years old, the second when I was in high school P.E. and one came scooting across the gymnasium floor (it was squashed by a testosteronally challenged teenage classmate, you know the kind, before I could study its habits.

It's a little round cylinder. It looks like a little gray air hockey puck scooting around like a top. After several disturbing seconds pass while staring at this wierd little disk like it's some kind of lovecraftian peek about the utter horror of the universe, it starts to slow down. Like a really balanced centrifuge. Then it stops and a little, (suprisingly well coordinated) spider picks its self up and goes running under the pantry door (or Billy Scuggins Air Jordan).

I don't know if it's some kind of sexual display or something. But it must be documented. 'Cause it's just freaky. Can you help me out?

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