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An eqation for energy conversion

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    An equation for energy conversion

    I wanted an equation to find the energy being used for time travel instead of space travel. Tell me if this works.


    N representing energy converted to travel through time instead of space

    S representing speed

    M representing mass

    C representing light speed
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    according to your equation, are you saying, the faster the particle/object travels, the lower its energy???
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    I thought the faster one travels, the slower the rate of things occuring... making clocks slow down is also a form of time travel, right? So energy don't have be converted to be used for time travel - kinetic energy simultaneously make an object travel through space and time at a different rate.
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    As I recall, that is the case for tachycons. The faster a tachyon moves the lower its energy is.

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    All of the energy in an object is being used for movement through time if it is standing still. I simply wanted to find out how much is being used in an object moving at high speed. And to figure out energy used to travel through space, all you do is subtract the time energy from the original amount aquired by using E=MC^2
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