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An excellent time lapse movie

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    I really like the airport scene.
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    That is neat. Kind of mesmerizing.
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    Cool, the planes landing and taking off looked interesting.
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    :surprised Neato!
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    Wow thats great.

    EDIT: http://www.599productions.com/599/Timelapse%20480p.html [Broken]

    High DEF version.
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    Yeah they also have high res versions at the 599 productions website.
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    Ironic that time lapse appears the same as fast forward. Here is Earth 12 months. I don't know what method was used.

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    Ugh, you HAVE to watch the high res version, its breathtaking. The image quality is simply fantastic. Dont even bother looking at the Youtube.

    I do have to complain though. They ruined what would be a great piece by stopping it right in the middle of the song.
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    I thought it was somewhat boring. It's just cars moving around, and planes in one.
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    It shows the mechanization of the society that we live in, but at the same time it contrasts mechanization of nature herself. The cars are always shooting by, trying to go somewhere...then they go to the airport, as seen by the huge LAX. Then you see the airplanes doing their aerial dance, which finally goes to a scene of the stars moving around in their respective worlds.

    Yet at the same time, it shows that life will pass you by if you don’t stop and take the time to appreciate it, which is exactly what this video does, in an ironic kinda way. It makes you appreciate the rush from an outsiders perspective.

    Theres much more to it than 'cars going around and airplanes', but you have to open your mind to see it. And your interpretation of it will be different than mine, thats why its art. :smile:
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    For me, been there done that, my dad had some films in the 80's made by a Japanese filmmaker which will leave you laughing,crying, and wondering all at the same time, using same technique only a factor of 10 more intense than this derivitave stuff.
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    I was just watching it and thinking how it reminded me of a few moments I've spent in Warsaw, Boston, NYC, LA, etc. When I was rather young I never really considered how many people there were in the world, and still today I often forget. When I spend the night at a hotel near a tall building, I usually spend a good hour or two simply watching the building. There are a few moments during which I realize just how many people there are and that each single one of them has their own life. They each go to work and go on with their business. We all rush to do everything and don't even realize that there are tons of people doing the same thing. Yet we still think we are unique and that our worries matter.

    This ^^ on top of what cyrus said.
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