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B An exercise for students

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    Based on an incorrect understanding of special relativity

    a) Pick a problem from a textbook, and come up with a different answer than the textbook does.

    Additionally, do one or both of the following:

    b1) Argue that the textbook answer is wrong and you are right

    b2) Argue that there is an inconsistency in your solution, and use this inconsistency to demonstrate that "special relativity is bunk".

    Extra credit is awarded if the textbook has a typo, and actually IS wrong.
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    ...but, please, don't post it here on PF! :biggrin:
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    I think posting it on April 1 would have been OK. Which makes it too late for any entries this year.
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    In the time zone where I live, you began this thread on 2 April, which was already too late! (The dangers of different observers sychronising their clocks differently!)
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