An experiment with a cowherd

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Im not sure if this is really true, because I havent had a chance to try it out, but its something I have heard of. So you tell me if thats how it should be.

So when you touch the wire of a cowherd, you get a little punch. But as I've heard, if you hold on to another person, or in this particular experiment a cat, and then touch the wire, only the cat gets shocked.

Is this really the case? Why?

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I don't like the idea of you hurting a cat. So I can't advocate your experiment and would prefer you do it on consenting humans.

I would point out that everyone experiences the shock to some degree:
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I love cats. I have one myself and I would never hurt one. Its just that the particular experiment I heard of consisted of a cat at the end of the line.

But as everybody got shocked in that line in the video, I doupt that the occasion with the cat is true. I figured that if the human contestants would have thick boots or something with high resistance, the shock would be a tad smaller with current only going from hand to hand, and then to the ground from the cat, making the overall resistance pretty big. But I could see no reason for humans not feeling anything at all.
Thanks for the vid.