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An extension of the concept of a tensor field

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    It is known that a tensor field is a tensor-valued function T=T(p) whose argument p is a point of some space (or some manifold). However, in physics some tensor fields are produced from other tensor fields, e. g. Lagrangians in physical field theories including tensorial fields:

    L=L(p,T(p),\nabla T(p)).

    Exact mathematical treatement of such tensor fields with additional tensorial arguments is given in my paper


    I invite to discuss this paper and its possible applications. One can also use this paper in order to test his/her understanding of tensors at all.
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    Applications to crystal physics are suggested

    Applications of extended tensor fields to describing the plasticity phenomenon in crystals are suggested. See


    There is an open problem formulated as a conjecture.
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    An extension of the concept of spin-tensors

    The concept of spin-tensors can also be extended in the same way. See the following my paper:
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