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An idea to improve twitter

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    I know many of you might not be the that into social networking but perhaps the idea of the algorithms and things involved to implement this might interest you.

    Basically, Twitter should have "groups" created by individuals. They can be completely open, open only to member-invitation or closed. The members of this group can all post "tweets" that are visible in the same way normal tweets are but only to the members of the group. The members of the group then view these posts and have the ability to upvote or downvote them. After a certain threshold (I recommend 100% upvotes from 100% of members) the post then appears as a public tweet available to the group's followers or the wider public depending on the privacy of the group.

    So yeah I wanted to get that out there. If you know someone who works in social networking please forward this to them :)
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    Why don't you tweet this to @twitter
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