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Homework Help: An individual's Gamete production.

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    [SOLVED] An individual's Gamete production.

    From any one individual member, male or female, of a multicellular higher species using sexual reproduction, like humans or plants, for that one, are all the gametes genetically identical? That is, does an individual's gametes always and only contain a high fidelity half copy of the individual's genetic material with no signifigant chomosomal alterations, short of errors and accidental mutations? Or, do gametes have some form of program controlled genetic variability in some higher life forms, like humans or plants?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Sounds like homework. Lets' get you going on how to figure it out for yourself. What happens to parts of chromosome pairs during meiosis?
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    Damn, yer right, reviewed the bio book. Crossover occurs in meiosis, so alterations are part of the program, here. I must be forgetting basic materials, or listening to misinformation. I thought crossover only occured in fertilization. What was I thinking! lol
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