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News An integrated North-American super-state

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    Mr. d'Aquino (boss of the Canadian Council of Cheif Executives) said the deal is "undoubtedly" the biggest step towards continental integration since the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed in 1992.

    On commercial matters, the three countries announced in Ottawa yesterday that they have agreed to work towards:
    -- Putting in place a comprehensive co-operation framework by 2007
    -- Developing a co-ordinated strategy aimed at fighting counterfeiting and piracy by 2006
    -- Implementing a North American steel strategy within the next 12 months
    -- Establishing an Automotive Partnership Council of North America that will provide recommendations on moving to a fully integrated auto sector
    -- Continuing trilateral work toward a sustainable energy economy
    -- Improving the safety and efficiency of North American air navigation systems by 2007
    -- Strengthening co-operation on invasive species and water quality issues, food safety standards and public health issues.

    On security issues, the three North American governments said they would work on:
    -- Measures to improve the screening of individuals and goods entering and leaving North America
    -- Sharing information on high-risk individuals and cargo
    -- Co-ordinating programs to ensure governments are prepared for emergencies
    -- Joint assessments of critical cross-border infrastructure and a commitment to work with stakeholders to improve existing infrastructure
    -- A stronger approach to maritime and aviation security
    -- The addition of a second site for the Canada-U.S. land pre-clearance pilot
    -- Devising a single, integrated global enrolment program for North American trusted travellers for travel by air, land, and sea.

    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20050627.wtrade0627/BNStory/Business/ [Broken]

    Canada, Mexico, U.S. have security plan
    Canada, the United States and Mexico are committing to much broader and deeper economic and security integration to eliminate what Industry Minister David Emerson calls the "tyranny of small differences."

    The sheer scope of the plan, released Monday by senior ministers from the three trading partners, defies easy description.

    The proposals range from the mundane to the highly controversial: finding common specifications for dangerous goods containers, for example; and developing common biometric travel documents and visa requirements.

    There's a commitment to pursuing a North American steel industry strategy, continental compatibility in automobile standards and removing requirements for "rules of origin" on $30 billion of trade goods.

    Standardized food-safety regulations, pesticide-residue rules and veterinary drugs are in the mix, as is a flu pandemic plan.

    There's to be more sharing of information among law enforcement agencies, and a joint emergency response exercise "to be conducted in advance of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler," says the 90-page document.

    "With today's announcement, we are setting out over 300 specific, concrete milestones in our work plans," Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan said at a news conference packed with business leaders and officials.

    The package was later attacked by critics who called it undemocratic, skewed toward big business and a threat to Canada's sovereignty.

    "Allowing corporate North America to define our interests as a nation implies, in the end, complete regulatory harmonization with the U.S. and the subordination of our economic, social, cultural and environmental policies to U.S. policies," said NDP MP Peter Julian.

    http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2005/06/27/pf-1107234.html [Broken]

    Now I don't have a problem with cooperating with the US but I think we should be more like Norway is with the EU. The EU is getting more powerful but nobody's telling Norway they have to integrate more with them. Paul Martin, Anne McLellan, Tom d'Aquino, etc are all a bunch of sellouts. Where is Canada's Castro/Chavez/Lula/Obrador/etc when we need him/her????? :frown:

    ...& let's not forget US trade rep Clayton Yeutter's famous words from 1988:
    "The Canadians don't know what they've signed. In 20 years they will be sucked into the US economy."
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    Hey, nice to see that the US is learning fast from the EU!
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    *looks down south of the border*

    uhmm.. yah... we better stop learning real soon...
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    It's the way we looked at Poland. Look at it now...
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    It says adopting common standards, not adopting US standards. Presumably, the common standards will be a compromise reached by all three nations, not dictated by one to the other two.
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    in the current free-trade agreement (not nafta) canada changed something like ~40 laws statutes or regulations & the US didn't change a single one.
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    Any idea what those were and did they have anything to do with internal safety standards?
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    thinking of moving overseas soon
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    Move to Zurich. Sydney if you prefer warm weather.
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