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An interesting new book

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    I just received in the mail an unsolicited examination copy of The Quantum Challenge: Modern Research on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (2nd ed.), by George Greenstein and Arthur Zajonc (Jones and Bartlett, 2006 :bugeye: ).

    I haven't had a chance to do more than skim through it yet, but already I'm very impressed. I think this book would be very appropriate for anyone interested in topics like Bell's Theorem, evidence for existence of photons, Schrödinger's cat and the "measurement problem." Despite the forbidding title, it's actually written at an advanced-undergraduate level, as an introduction to these issues. It's not very heavy on equations, and the text is well-written and easy to read, although understanding this stuff takes some work and mind-stretching if you're a newcomer to this area, of course!

    [added] If you search for this on amazon.com, beware that the main listing is for the first edition from 1997. I eventually found that they https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/...=lpr_g_1/002-0615893-8936838?v=glance&s=books, by following a link in the "other editions" section.
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    I read the first edition about three years ago. Lots of good references, pretty good discussions of the issues involved. Zajonc also wrote at least one other book -- "Chasing the Light", or something like that.

    I'm curious to see if there are any significant changes in the second edition.
    Edit: Couldn't tell about any changes from Amazon.com listing. Maybe I missed something. Another good book that one might consider using in conjunction with this one is "The Meaning of Quantum Theory" by Jim Baggott.

    These books are sort of expensive via Amazon. But, I'll bet that a reasonable price can be found by searching, and they're well worth the effort, imo. (I got lucky and found them real cheap at a local used book store a few years ago.)
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